Design Approach

ARCHIPOLITAN provides the highest quality architectural services to all our clients regardless of project design, size or complexity. Our design process is based through a continual dialogue that values creativity and communication between all members of the team. Through collaboration we develop the concepts and boundaries that inform the design and bring the project into the built environment.



The increasingly complex projects that clients bring to us demand a culture built on collaboration, creativity, and innovation in design thinking and delivery. With ARCHIPOLITAN clients benefit from a single point of accountability. 



ARCHIPOLITAN employs innovative design techniques and conceptual thinking in order to develop briefs into structures that best articulates the design forms into a timeless and ordered space.  Achieving total clarity and understanding between ARCHIPOLITAN and the client, of both the design and construction phases, is at the heart of all that we do. 



Through each step of the design, from master planning through to furniture and finishes, ARCHIPOLITAN seeks to create architecture which focuses on utilising the most efficient materials and systems. This is done in order to reinforce the sustainable usage of energy, and bring the focus back to ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.